Dialysis Patient Suffers Heart Attack During Treatment

Phyllis is a 79-year-old kidney dialysis patient who lives in Hartford, CT. Three times a week her daughter drives her to a local dialysis treatment center to be treated for her end stage kidney disease which has left her kidneys nonfunctional. People with healthy kidneys depend on the kidneys to filter their blood of waste products that build up. Phyllis’ kidneys are incapable of performing this vital life function.

Dialysate Mishandling Leads to Heart Attack

Without the weekly treatments, Phyllis would become very sick and die. During one of the treatments where she is hooked up to the dialysis machine, the 79 year old woman experienced a sudden heart attack which ended her life unexpectedly. Family members have been left wondering what could have possibly went wrong and what caused the heart attack. Previous treatments showed no signs of complications and the patient seemed to be doing fine before attending her treatment. After further research, Phyllis daughter discovered that the dialysate which contained GranuFlo that was used in her mother’s treatment was mixed incorrectly. She has since then hired a GranuFlo lawsuit attorney to pursue a case against the manufacturer of the substance for not properly warning the public of the possible dangers that can result from using GranuFlo.

Cases such as this one are all too common and loved ones are devastated by the sudden loss. They are often left with emotional devastation as well as burdensome medical expenses from the loss. A GranuFlo lawsuit lawyer can help victims to recover damages that resulted from the tragic incident.

Dangers Dialysis Products

Studies and reports have shown that some products like GranuFlo and NaturaLyte that are used in kidney dialysis treatments lead to heart attacks, strokes and deaths of patients if they are mishandled. Victims who have been injured or have loved ones who have suffered from these products can pursue a GranuFlo injury lawsuit. By holding the manufacturer liable for not properly informing the public of the potential risks of the drugs victims may be able to obtain compensation to help pay for medical expenses and other expenses from the loss.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the side effects from these Dangerous Drugs contact Bond & Taylor they provide a free consultation.


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